The Portland Community College (PCC) Foundation Board announced this week that it is providing emergency funding to assist struggling PCC students.

Excerpt below from full article by PCC Public Relations Manager, James Hill, PCC Foundation commits $750,000 to meet urgent needs of students:

“In response to the Governor’s directive, PCC moved classes and business operations online while closing its physical campuses and centers through the end of Spring term. The impact of this has created significant disruption for large portions of the college’s most vulnerable students. As a result, the Foundation’s board recently approved $750,000 to meet students’ most basic needs through emergency grants, grocery store vouchers, computers, and Internet service.

At PCC, students (and their families) who already faced food insecurity before the crisis, now confront even more dire circumstances without access to campus food pantries.

In addition, many vulnerable students who held multiple jobs to support their studies and families, now face unemployment. Lack of employment may prevent them from being able to access technology like computers, or having in-home Internet so they can attend remote classes or use virtual resources.”

Location: Portland, Oregon
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