Remote Learning with PhET Simulations

We are excited to announce several new features to support our teacher community in these unprecedented times.

Find and share PhET lessons, now including in Google Doc formats

Our PhET lesson database now supports adding Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Have you written a remote student activity? Share it today and help your fellow teachers.

Search for or tag ‘Remote Learning’ activities

We have added a remote learning tag, so teachers can more easily find lessons designed for students working remotely. And the wonderful Trish Loeblein has been actively adapting her popular PhET activities for remote learning!

Find prototype sims and review tips for remote learning with PhET sims

Our team has released 4 prototype HTML5 sims and compiled a collection of tips for remote learning with PhET sims. Whether you are new to teaching with PhET or have been teaching with PhET for years, we encourage you to take a quick look at the tips and examples. Have other tips? Drop us an email! Replace this text with a few sentences to describe your story.

Location: University of Colorado, Boulder
More Information: Remote Learning with PhET

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