Teaching Hub Radio (not extraordinary, but fun)

The Teaching Hub has been Fleming College’s weekly professional learning blog since the ancient year of 2017. Each post has contributions in various areas like engaging teaching tips, learning technology, student success and professional learning. As we moved into isolation, we made the choice to switch modes and make it a podcast/radio show on VoicEd Radio. A few benefits of this move has been:

  1. It’s easier to connect with faculty and collect their contributions (and now contributions come from a wider variety of people.
  2. We get to hear each other’s voices and connect in real time rather than through email requests etc.
  3. Since host VoicEd Radio has a SOCAN license, we can play all the bangin’ tunes we want!
  4. We’ve hear that many people who’ve not had time to read our incessant posts now find they can fit this into their day as they can hit play and listen as they do other things.

Location: Peterborough, Ontario Canada
More Information: https://voiced.ca/project/teaching-hub-radio/

Contact Name: greeneterry
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  1. This is super cool. Thanks for sharing Terry!

  2. What an amazing idea! Love it!

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