A couple of days, at the beginning of the COVID break, were really relaxing. But slowly, I felt it as a real challenge to my professionalism. At the time when most of my colleagues and students seemed to be in a sweet slumber, I virtually assembled and facilitated students/teachers from my community on ZOOMing. I led the first session on 28th April 2020, it was, probably, the first school-level-Online-Class in the COVID period in my hometown. Encouraged by the feedback, I had the students themselves plan the lessons and lead the sessions on various topics. Gradually, when wider number of teachers were impressed, I guided them on use of Googleform, Proprofs, Googleclassroom, edupuzzle etc. I feel glad that my initiation has enriched not only teachers in online teaching but also the students on contents, digital competence, confidence and leadership.

Later, I focused much on promoting MOOCs among the school students and teachers in national level. During the last 1 and a half month, I led over 10 MOOC presentations to about 800 enthusiasts. Interestingly, in a country marred by frequent power-cuts and weak-internet connection, approximately 400 additional students and teachers have completed at least one MOOC. In some cases, the family members are seen MOOCing and posting their achievements competitively. Young students are making sharing their MOOC-experiences in blogs, discussions, and youtube. Many of the MOOCers have turned out to be the mentors in their community. It’s a pleasure to see the students curtailing the “Facebooking” but, instead, earning certificates from some renowned universities and pride for the family through ‘MOOCing’


City : Pokhara

Country : Nepal

Contact Name: Baman Kumar Ghimire, Teacher, Motherland Secondary School, Nepal
Image Alt Text: Baman_MOOCs
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