Great ideas happen in multiple places, correct? UNESCO has been collecting written and video testimonials from students and teachers around the world on how they are coping with schools not being open during the pandemic:


Schools and universities have closed in massive numbers around the world because of COVID-19. We are calling on students, teachers and parents from the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, and beyond, to tell us their stories about how they are coping and continuing to learn. They will inspire others and give all of us hope. Find out how to share your testimonies.

A few examples:

“As the schools are closed, me and my siblings are spending our free time together by doing a lot of creative things such as painting. We also play board games, videogames and watching movies. Except that, we are having online courses so we can study from home as we cannot go to school.”
Marietta, student, Greece

“Our school has been closed, but our teacher created a channel on the Telegram app to send our homework and explain the lessons to us. It’s a good alternative, but I really miss going to school, our teachers and my friends.”
Teeba, 14 year old student, Iraq

“The impact of the quarantine has not been devastating to our students yet. We have an extremely dedicated staff, who are working from home daily, and who are creating a collaborative virtual classroom.”
Marieta, teacher, Spain



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