Hello everybody ,

It’s me Bibas Thapa from Hetauda, Nepal. Here I am sharing about my online class.

On 24th April 2020 , Nepal government declared lockdown.  All the institutions were closed. It was time of final exam. Students even could not take  their exams. Mainly high school students were upset  because  for basic level and primary level through Continuous assessment also they could be liberal upgraded in another class but high school students were waiting for the board exam.

Having  rapport, relation with students I can understand them and they share with me regarding their  messy  routine. As I was observing the activities of students through Facebook I made a plan to start online class. I searched on YouTube regarding the digital tools and Learning Management System for my students.

On the 7th day of lockdown I started my class with 2 students by using  Zoom app. Many people laugh at my online class concept and with my number of students . I started using quizzes, trivinty, ProProfs, caught in the beginning days, so many students show interest and joined my class. Day by day the number of students increased and I also started asynchronous mode of learning for my students who can’t  join regularly.

After my initiation, many teachers shows interest and I started to provide workshop and online trainings to the teacher.

Now we have hope and we all are optimistic to run online classes.

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