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A poem for @cogdog and his dog

I found this poem for Alan and his dog from the site Poetry Foundation. It is “April is a Dog’s…

Due Diligence

I need to know if this software meets our due diligence policy for education products, as required by our computer…

Mayor Kline & family (LOC)

Vintage family video (1910-1915) of New York Mayor Kline. If we only knew the dog’s name… Title from data provided…

A New SPLOTbox is HERE!

Look at this new SPLOTbox! What you cannot see is a lot less under the hood. There is no need…

For The Five-Year-Old

An five year olds can now upload images to a SPLOTbox too… It takes JPG, PNG, and GIFs

Dog’s Rule, Especially Felix

Of course everyone, even Bava, knows what a cool dog Felix is, so cool he does not need to be compared to others.

Talk by Audrey Watters at Coventry University

In this talk Audrey Watters (www.hackeducation.com) presented the main principles behind the Domain of One’s Own notion to some of the members of the Coventry.Domains community at the Disruptive Me...

Quality education for ubiquitous technology

It is Jim Groom talking about the best damn class ever!

Howling for Adam

Felix is a huge fan of Adam Croom, like at a super heroic level. This is just a small taste of what happens when he hear's Adam's name. Who is that guy?

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