I’ve gotten to really like the Sodaphonic suite of web based audio tools, perfect for simple one click audio recording in a web browser with Boombox plus a nice based audio editor.

Even better, no accounts or logins are needed.

Sodaphonic audio is saved at a URL and it also offers an embed code. And… wait, there is more, if you give it some time, Sodaphonic will add a transcript to the URL.

See the one made for this recording:

Showing the transcript Sodaphonic added to me recording.
Sodaphonic automatic transcript after editing, as author I can make public.

Well this is pretty exciting, right? I’m recording this in Sodaphic Boombox, which is a really nifty web-based audio recorder about as simple as you can get.. Like I just did, save your recording and it gets a permanent URL and a little but later a transcript will be added, plus the web-based audio editing tool and file converter. I’m just a real big fan of the tools but nothing about so far so you can use the URL, something you record and saved that can be added as an audio item to SPLOTbox. What is SPLOTbox? Well, I guess you’re just going to have to look it up or ask, but it’s pretty cool.


So I had to add a new audio feature of SPLOTbox, support for Sodaphonic audio. Try it out, record some audio, and use the URL as a media type for an item dropped into this box.

Media Description: Alan gets excited recording in Sodaphonic Boombox about SPLOTs

Shared by: Alan Levine

Item Credit: Blame @cogdog

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