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Olde English Sounds Lyke

It soundeth lovely. This merely a test of a YouTube video not working on someone else’s SPLOTbox. Blarney on that!

A Rather Dull Safari Recording Test

Trying to isolate reports of pitches being shift L-O-W-E-R when recording, Here is another test. Yippee. I put an image…

This is Only a Test

With the capability added to the SPLOT site for secure transactions, we are now able to activate the recording capability…

Morning Improv

As an aid to creative flow, I decided to commit to do *something* creative daily – however small, insignificant, “faulty”…

Progressive Relax w Waterfall – 6_6_19, 1.47 PM

progressive relaxation mixed with waterfall sound

Type This into Your SPLOT Code

Now we are adding extra code in the SPLOt Extender plugin for media from Metacafe, which requires custom code to…

drone spot

By ill mooc people.

Weeping Willows

A short reflection on the alternatives to social media.

Cogger Party

It's the Breaking band in jam mode, and there is a dog in the house. Grab your fiddle, wash jug, tuba, and join in the jam. Hi Kamloops!

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