Charlie celebrated his first Gotcha Day on Sunday – we adopted him last October from Old Dogs New Digs, a wonderful rescue that focuses on senior dogs. He’s really learned to bark and enjoys the neighborhood dog choir with joy. His bark sounded like a seal, he was tied up at his neck so tightly that he didn’t have fur there, but it’s all grown and floofly. Charlie was thought to be 15 when we adopted him, though a closer look at his paperwork showed he was 12. So, he’s around 13, living his golden years and chunking up with duck jerky and doggy whipped cream, balanced with daily walkies and bark parties. He’s finally starting to snuggle and is starting to get tired of that cat terrorizing him.

Media Description: a small white and orange colored senior dog, with a long nose and brown eyes, laying on their side on top of a crochet yellow blanket, and looking into the camera

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