Put Another Media Thing in the SPLOT Jukebox

35 Items of Media Type "Video"

TRU’s Camera Obscura Project

Now getting TRU’s Kaltura media server into the mix, and we can just use it’s public share URL! From the…

“Story of Us” comics (proving SPLOTbox Kaltura Support)

I did not think it would be possible, but now it is- the SPLOTbox theme can use video from specific…

Loom is in the Box

Now we have support for screencasts from Loom.com!  This is a great screencast tool built into your web browser, and…

Olde English Sounds Lyke

It soundeth lovely. This merely a test of a YouTube video not working on someone else’s SPLOTbox. Blarney on that!

Welcome to Jurassic Park

The best video on YouTube

Test of YouTube video

Test of YouTube video

Western Genre Playlist

Experimenting here with SPLOTbox to see about using a YouTube playlist URL. It should work. Regardless, spend some time looking…

Luca Parmitano Performs First DJ Set Live From Outer Space

Space DJ! What does zero gravity mean for playing music?

A New SPLOTbox is HERE!

Look at this new SPLOTbox! What you cannot see is a lot less under the hood. There is no need…

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