Vocaroo isĀ  nifty web-based audio recorder that’s been around the web for eons (2007). In seeing how some colleagues were using it to do a response to a DS106 Daily Create I thought it would be worthwhile adding support for Vocaroo to SPLOTbox.

One of the great things about this wee app is that no login or accounts are needed to make an audio recording, which becomes sharable at a URL. That is very SPLOT like, as described in the Privacy statement

Vocaroo strives to collect as little user data as necessary, and is fully usable without any account or login.

And for educators, read their info for schools including a means to stop Google Ads and a FERPA/COPPA statement.

Media Description: A test recording in vocaroo to demonstrate its' functionality; the author read as well the Vocaroo privacy statement https://vocaroo.com/about

Shared by: CogDog

Item Credit: Blame @cogdog

Reuse License: Public Domain

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