Put Another Media Thing in the SPLOT Jukebox

Loom is in the Box

Now we have support for screencasts from Loom.com!  This is a great screencast tool built into your web browser, and…

Vocaroo Is In the Box

Vocaroo is  nifty web-based audio recorder that’s been around the web for eons (2007). In seeing how some colleagues were…

Olde English Sounds Lyke

It soundeth lovely. This merely a test of a YouTube video not working on someone else’s SPLOTbox. Blarney on that!

Doth Safari iOS Work?

Trying a recording now in iOS. Be sure to enable MediaRecorder in iOS Settings-> Safari-> Develop -> Experimental Features  …

Welcome to Jurassic Park

The best video on YouTube

OEG Voices 002: Katsusuke Shigeta

In our second episode of OEG Voices we travel virtually to Sapporo, Japan to introduce you to Katsusuke Shigeta, Associate Professor…

Test of YouTube video

Test of YouTube video

Alternative Text Image Options Are Dangled No Longer

A first public test of a new SPLOTbox feature- if you upload an image or reference an image from a…

A Rather Dull Safari Recording Test

Trying to isolate reports of pitches being shift L-O-W-E-R when recording, Here is another test. Yippee. I put an image…

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