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Welcome to Jurassic Park

The best video on YouTube

A Rather Dull Safari Recording Test

Trying to isolate reports of pitches being shift L-O-W-E-R when recording, Here is another test. Yippee. I put an image…

poetry in a cup

a sprig of grape hyacinths, tiny white chrysanthemum in pale green japanese tea cup

Morning Improv

As an aid to creative flow, I decided to commit to do *something* creative daily – however small, insignificant, “faulty”…

A poem for @cogdog and his dog

I found this poem for Alan and his dog from the site Poetry Foundation. It is “April is a Dog’s…

A Video Game That Helps Us Undertand Loneliness

From the  TED Talk description: Step into artist Cornelia Geppert’s visually stunning video game “Sea of Solitude,” which explores how…

Bag of Gold

What part of gold?

For The Five-Year-Old

An five year olds can now upload images to a SPLOTbox too… It takes JPG, PNG, and GIFs

Progressive Relax w Waterfall – 6_6_19, 1.47 PM

progressive relaxation mixed with waterfall sound

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