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Morning Improv

As an aid to creative flow, I decided to commit to do *something* creative daily – however small, insignificant, “faulty”…

A poem for @cogdog and his dog

I found this poem for Alan and his dog from the site Poetry Foundation. It is “April is a Dog’s…

A Video Game That Helps Us Undertand Loneliness

From the  TED Talk description: Step into artist Cornelia Geppert’s visually stunning video game “Sea of Solitude,” which explores how…

Bag of Gold

What part of gold?

For The Five-Year-Old

An five year olds can now upload images to a SPLOTbox too… It takes JPG, PNG, and GIFs

Progressive Relax w Waterfall – 6_6_19, 1.47 PM

progressive relaxation mixed with waterfall sound

Sample Welcome from CGE (with obnoxiously loud birds)

A sample of an idea for a soundscape welcome file for international students coming to Kenyon College for the first…


“Covered” includes text by Kora Radella performed by Lea Barletti with a version of Giacinto Scelsi’s “Maknongan” edited by Ross…

This SPLOT is Flying High Now

Especially since giphy links can now be used, watch the madness that can happen. That’s right, you can use a…

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