SPLOTs have no venture capital backers, no IPOs, no real funding at all. But they have been helped along by a few groups worth recognizing with an icon and a link.

Thompson Rivers University

The original idea and first SPLOTs were developed during a Thompson Rivers University Open Learning Fellowship granted to Alan Levine (Nov 2014-Mar 2015) See the portfolio of TRU SPLOT work.

Reclaim Hosting

A Fellowship from Reclaim Hosting (Apr 2018-Mar 2019) supported improvements to SPLOTs and development of one click cpanel installers for sites hosted at Reclaim Hosting.

An incentive grant from the OpenETC Coop, where many SPLOTs are made available to it’s British Columbia education institutions, supported 3 months of SPLOT improvements in 2018.

Coventry University Disruptive Media Learning Lab

Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab has been a long time active user of SPLOTs and many features added to TRU Writer, TRU Collector, and the SPLOTbox came from their ideas. DMLL provided funding May-August 2019 that supported adding new features to Writer and Collector and also to develop the first SPLOT as a plugin.

A small incentive from University of Saskatchewan accelerated the first release of SPLOTbox (January 2018).

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