This WordPress Theme powers SPLOTbox a site to allow collections of media content (termed “items”) where contributions can be made without requiring logins or providing personally identifying information.

The options can allow you to offer a field for add the media by URL from the following services, a subset of ones WordPress supports by Embed:

  • Flickr photos
  • Giphy animated GIFs
  • Mixcloud audio
  • Slideshare presentations
  • Soundcloud audio
  • SpeakerDeck presentations
  • TED Talks video
  • Vimeo video
  • YouTube video

In addition, special code has been added to support similarly for:

  • Adobe Spark Pages
  • Adobe Spark Videos
  • Internet Archive audio or video

And in this new version, we are offering a third, cool option:

  • record audio directly!

Media can also be added by any direct URL to audio in mp3, ogg, or m4a formats or jpg, png, or gif images. Site owners can also enable an upload button for image and sound files in mp3, ogg, or m4a (audi0) or jpg, png, gif (image) as well as a using a built in audio recorder.

Because of the underlying device recording code (using WebRTC) a user must grant access to the site to use the microphone; this in turn can only be done on a site running under SSL. This requires activating / setting up an SSL certificate with your web host and activating a plugin such as Really Simple SSL to redirect requests from http to https.

After clicking the microphone icon, if you do not see a dialog box asking to grant access to the microphone or do not see the recording controls, verify that the address of the web page for the form starts with https.

Other features that can be activated in SPLOTbox are to provide entry fields for (and require or not), descriptions, a credit source name and a selection of reuse licenses.

SPLOTbox is a huge improvement and enhancement of the first generation TRU Sounder SPLOT.

See SPLOTboxt in Action

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