It was not too much more to apply the principle of the TRU Collector as a media pool of images to create another site that would work for audio. By using a theme that could handle audio files and generate an embedded player, the Sounder becomes a shared space for audio files.

In the upload form audio can either be uploaded as an MP3 file, or referenced via a URL that points to an MP3 sound:


In addition, the site can also accept URLs for audio stored on Soundcloud in which case it’s embedded player is used to display the item.

Soundcloud item on left, uploaded sound on the right
Soundcloud item on left, uploaded sound on the right

Some modifications for the underlying WordPress theme allowed for links to directly download the sound files.

In addition, the information included in the form for source to credit the sound and a choice of licensing is used to generate a cut and paste attribute string for use in other sites, for example on the entry for a sound file called Rude Girl:


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