The Daily Blank creates a site where you can publish a new challenge every day. The idea is we can get better at something by a regular practice of small effort. It is based on the success of DS106 Daily Create which offers daily media challenges.

The Daily Create depending on responses being shared on specific social media services (flickr for photo, Youtube or video) and thus was also dependent on a certain kind of response. The Daily Blank is designed to be able to take any response that can either be written into a Twitter message are shared from a link in a tweet.


The tweet must include the name of a twitter account set up for the site and a unique hashtag to identify the challenge.

While The Daily Blank relies on participants responding using twitter, accounts can be anonymous. But responses can also be left on a Daily Blank site via a comment for.

The Daily Blank is installed as a WordPress theme, and offers a number of options to customize a site:

dailybnal options

dailyblank admin menuFuture Daily Blanks are set to publish at a given time (set in the options screen) every day, and new challenges can be submitted to the site via a web form. The admin side provides a way to monitor both scheduled and submitted items.

The admin interface adds a meta box that manages the creation of a new one, or processing of a submitted one.

dailyblank create

When saved as a draft, the theme then adds the proper tag to the post and appends the instructions for the way to respond.

saved daily

And thus appear at the scheduled time and date on your site


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