The DS106 Assignment Bank Theme is a WordPress Theme allows you to create and customize a site that has all of the functionality of the DS106 Open Assignment Bank. And more.

With it you can build a site to house any collection of assignments, tasks, challenges etc, create a categorization, and then like ds106 allow your community to add to the collection, crowd source the ratings, attach responses and tutorials.

Bank Features

The bank “items” can be assigned to types as to group them, as shown here in the UDG Agora Challenge Bank:

Within a type, the items can be sorted by date, title, number of responses, ratings, etc.

A single item includes instructions, a linked example of how it might be done, and links to web forms for visitors to add their responses or links to tutorials / other helpful resources

Responses can be set to be entered as rich text (hosted on the site), a short blurb and a link, or using Feed WordPress syndication added automatically based on tags.

All of the functionality of the site is set via a set of options that offers a lot of flexibility for how the bank operates:

See It in Action