The idea for this SPLOT came from TRU Open Learning instructional designers Kelly Warnock and Melissa Jakubec. They were planning a workshop on searching for image media and asked if a SPLOT could be built that would create a place where people could add found images, and that could be done without asking them to create accounts.

Thus was born the TRU Collector. Visitors to the site can upload any image, and provide a name for credit, select categories to organize them, add tags, and provide information to credit the source of the found images.

Newer features allow for use of a rich text composition area (with all WordPress media embed capabilities, plus inline image uploads), options to edit after publishing (by entering an email address).

Such a collection could be created for a department or a single class where it might be useful to create a sharable set of images or for an event to have participants share photos.

Uses of this theme have expanded beyond collecting media to be used for course activities, creating a “bank” of resources, building class and conference bios.

Curious? Share something now with the demo version of TRU Collector hosted here.

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You will need a self hosted version of WordPress to use TRU Collector (or be part of a multisite that offers the theme) See all information about the theme on Github including

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