I did not think it would be possible, but now it is- the SPLOTbox theme can use video from specific Kaltura servers. It’s not actually in the theme, but in a customizable plugin where you can extend the capability of this SPLOT to more media sites than what the box comes with.

This presentation is appropriate is demonstrating a SPLOT in action (albeit… who the heck uses “albeit” in conversation) although it is a different SPLOT. All SPLOTs are good, no?

The functionality is achieved by using adding an oEmbed provider, per site. Currently to test this capability, support is available for videos from BC Campus amd KPU’s Kaltura servers.

Sadly adding more Kaltura servers requires manual editing of the plugin to add additional servers, but it’s easy to do. Leave a comment or find Alan Levine somewhere online and just ask for it.


Media Description: Jessica Motherwell McFarlane: “Story of Us” comics archive from 2021 ETUG Spring Meeting

Shared by: CogDog SPLOT Maker

Item Credit: Jessica Motherwell McFarlane

Reuse License: CC BY Creative Commons By Attribution

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