Put Another Media Thing in the SPLOT Jukebox

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Jolly New SPLOTbox Features

First of all, the rich text editor on the front end form, can now automatically embed media like a normal wordpress editor. So just plasting in the URL for a tweet, YouTube video, all will render...

Another Web Bites The Dust (2018 Edition)

A salute to just 59 once vibrant free web sites that have bitten the dust or were sent to the…


A reflection on the availability of water…

Making & The Curriculum

Dave made this, so it must be cool. This is a new SPLOTbox test of doing an Adobe Spark Page, which SPLOTbox should be able to render via the share URL. Whaddya think, Dave?

Dog’s Rule, Especially Felix

Of course everyone, even Bava, knows what a cool dog Felix is, so cool he does not need to be compared to others.

Talk by Audrey Watters at Coventry University

In this talk Audrey Watters (www.hackeducation.com) presented the main principles behind the Domain of One’s Own notion to some of the members of the Coventry.Domains community at the Disruptive Me...

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