First of all, the rich text editor on the front end form, can now automatically embed media like a normal wordpress editor. So just plasting in the URL for a tweet, YouTube video, all will render them as media in the form. One might make a grand entrance:

Nice! What about a tweet?

Also in the works now, you can upload media just by drag and dropping to the editor.

And a big change is a re-write to the way previews are done- the fancybox overlay just was too complex. Now, a submission requires a “Check Info” stop to review the content, which then enables a preview button. This will open a preview of your info in a new tab/window. Close it, return to this form, make mods, lather rinse repeat, or just submit the sucker.

Wanna try? Just try the share media form.  Experiment with embedding media in the editor, and the flow of the preview / check info button.

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