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Sample Welcome from CGE (with obnoxiously loud birds)

A sample of an idea for a soundscape welcome file for international students coming to Kenyon College for the first…


“Covered” includes text by Kora Radella performed by Lea Barletti with a version of Giacinto Scelsi’s “Maknongan” edited by Ross…

This SPLOT is Flying High Now

Especially since giphy links can now be used, watch the madness that can happen. That’s right, you can use a…

Another Web Bites The Dust (2018 Edition)

A salute to just 59 once vibrant free web sites that have bitten the dust or were sent to the…

Dog’s Rule, Especially Felix

Of course everyone, even Bava, knows what a cool dog Felix is, so cool he does not need to be compared to others.

Learning that never was learned.

A course trailer designed to entice a college into a micro course development. Didn't work. meh.

Video and an Interactive Link

Just for fun, trying out an interactive video created by Joubel for H5P. Let's learn how to make a smoothie. https://h5p.org/node/105135?feed_me=nps

#TvsZ 3.0

This is a promo video for #TvsZ 3.0, a game based storytelling event that took place in 2013. It began with a poem written by Pete Rorabaugh, and was combined with various CC Licensed imagery, and ...

Learning Analytics: Utopia or Dystopia

[LAK'16] April 28: Keynote - Paul Kirschner - Learning Analytics: Utopia or Dystopia Licensed under the Standard YouTube License, whatever that means.

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