Seiryoku-Zenyo (maximum efficient use of energy), a guiding principle of Judo, is beautifully displayed by the 4th Judoka to be promoted to the highest rank of 10th Dan. Kyuzo Mifune Demonstrates a number of techniques, variations on techniques, randori technique, combination and counter techniques, and the expressions of Judo. This video compliments his book, The Canon of Judo.

Summary Part 1

  • Kuzushi
  • Te-waza
  • Koshi-waza
  • Ma Sutemi Waza
  • Nage no Kata
  • Katame-waza
  • Tachi-waza Randori

Summary Part 2

  • Five Forms Kata (Itsutsu-no-Kata)
  • Tai Sabaki and the essence of Judo
  • Ashi-waza
  • Yoko Sutemi Waza
  • Shimewaza
  • Ne-waza randori
  • Goshin Jitsu

“A good Judoka never anticipates his action in a match, but his mind is as clever as a polished mirror which enables him to foresee precisely anything to happen and he displays freedom of his physique to cope with any change.” -Kyuzo Mifune


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