For yet another small improvement few will notice, the TRU Collector SPLOT theme, now has working the the autocompletion feature in this sharing form.

It worked long ago, but stopped after the quote un quote improvement to remove the secret login account. This may mean nothing to the casual reader, but the way the tag completion in WordPress works is designed for use in the WordPress dashboard, not a front facing form like this one.

It took a little bit of detective work and just banging code against the wall, but it works. Try it out in the tag field below, it will start offering options for tags after at least two letters are entered.

Just choose from the suggestions offered:

After the word "tag" entered in a form field, below are about 5 different suggestions that include this

The idea is to not force remembering of tags, but offer a person using this site ones that have been used before.

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Alt Text for Image: A toy kiwi bird gentle touches the foot of a toy metal robot, as if they were playing tag
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