The differences on the TRU Collector theme here are large but barely noticeable.  But if you knew what went under the hood…

There is no longer a need in this theme for using a secret, hidden WordPress account to manage media uploads. This makes setup much easier. And the theme has few files.

In addition, there is a new drag and drop interface for uploading your main images:

The interface for his site includes a "drop zone" for uploading images. It's cool

This is all done without needing to use the WordPress media loader. You can also click the preview to access the file selector to find an image.

The management of GIFs are also done so any size can be used (previously, GIFs larger than 500px would not animate on the front page).

SPLOTs keep in getting  better– give this a try and let me know in the comments below if you encounter any issues.

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Alt Text for Image: Animated cartoon figures one of them saying "Notice Anything?"
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