I cannot stop fiddling. Does anyone have an interest in this concept of media reusability? This very act of the one of transclusion David Wiley loves.

Previously I showed how a beta version plugin on this site allows embedding of content directly from the eCampusOntario H5P studio simply by pasting it’s URL in the editor. Now, it has been extended to do the same for content from H5P.com (where you need to $ to get hosting, no more free rides from H5P.org).

So I copy the URL from one I found there made by LumenLearning, paste it on a blank line in this editor.

What? Nothing happens right away.

Trust me.

Save your draft. Then follow the preview link. When published you get the full, glorious embedded H5P from elsewhere. Update that source, and each place it is embedded is updated.

Transclusion is as Magical as a Kitchen Makeover


This is a test of writing a generalized function to add the function calls and hooks for WordPress to handle this (since ech H5P site structures its links and embeds differently).

When this plugin is ready, it will have an options screen of sites to choose from, perhaps a means to add new H5P sites/patterns as well.