A SPLOT champion Jess Wilkinson tweeted a question about embedding padlet content in a Writer SPLOT. Their embed code is HTML / iframe, and while you might think pasting it into the text editor will work, the iframe part is stripped out when a post is saved (this is WordPress, and the same thing happens in any WordPress site run under multisite).

Since I have been doing some coding to make embeds work in the SPLOTbox theme, like the way you can embed YpuTube or flickr or giphy content just by entering the URL on a blank line.

I pondered ways to do this here. My hunch is this should be a plug-in, as it’s not functionality every site would need, but also could be used outside the SPLOT. I have a rough alpha version running here, as the idea is that it could offer automatic embeds for several services.

Interestingly, padlet supports this on WordPress.com but not self hosted!

Note that padlet embeds by url only work on WordPress.com

So now a reveal… it is working here, look a dull padlet embedded right in the editor! simply by putting on blank line, like this:


Made with Padlet

(Note that in TRU Writer, the embed magica happens after you submit the draft or update and check the preview, that’s another long bug story).

But wait, there is more. I am eager to test out features to auto embed H5P content, right now, this is working here in test mode only for content hosted at the new eCampusOntario H5P Studio site (this limitation will go away once I get it fully functional, a site owner would need to add a list of H5P source sites as a plugin option). In this case, I simply paste the web address, for say this little demo of the 5 Rs of Open on a blank line, like


How is that for Magic? Amazing! Right?

The Matrix GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre - Find & Share on GIPHY

Woah, Neo (did you see what I did there?)

Okay, this is really just a test to see if this work…