This is a new phase for SPLOTs. Not much looks different to the every day user (as if there was such a thing), but for people setting up sites it’s a LOT simpler. Changes include:


  • No more need for creating secret author accounts. There is no more logging in invisibly. No more need to the hide access to dashboard plugin
  • The writing tool no longer has access to the WordPress media interface, but there is a new drag and drop interface for uploading the featured image. New admin options for limiting the file size of uploads
  • There is no more need for a seperate “Welcome Desk” page, all is managed now in one template.

Still all the same features of the original TRU Writer, that was built right at this URL in 2014. You can have a site to allow people to write content on your WordPress site and they never see the “backend”. There is no data gathered, no logins (you can still require an access code).

Tell all your friends and enemies, a new age of SPLOTs is here.