Hello Kamloops, do not believe the myth that you are in the Sonoran Desert (read this!)

This is a demo for Jason 😉  All of the “grid images” are uploaded via the button in the editor. It helps if originals are evenly sized, otherwise, you have to resize them in the editor (I used 320px width and left aligned). You can only see results when previewing, so it takes a few cycles to make pretty.

I also used the preview to make a screenshot to use as the “featured” image.

So a 4/8 image grid is doable in TRU Collector, but it’s going to be a bit tedious and manual.

The images are uploaded in the body via the upload button. 

Each image in the “set” can be uploaded the same way; using left alignment can place them in a row as best as possible.

All photos here are taken in the real Sonoran Desert, east of Phoenix, along highway 260 on the drive up to Payson.

Shared By: CogDog
Source: Alan Levine
Alt Text for Image: Collage of the 4 images shown in this entry, a row of orange desert mallow, a teddy bear cholla cactus, and two images of desert lupine
Reuse License: CC0 No Rights Reserved
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