This is what I have to say1, which of course is something important. As you can see we can use headings and other formatting in our work2.

What mean yee, SPLOT3?

Circa 2014, SPLOTs were staked into the internet’s etherness 4

Because of challenges with FIPPA legislation (dealing with Canada institutions and their limitations of using web services based in the US that might transmit student information), the goal was to create simple learning applications that do not require any creation of accounts.

As a place to develop these, we registered the domain and set up a WordPress multisite as a development and testing environment.

The rest, as we don’t say, is history.

This has been a public service message meant to test the feasibility of recommending the Easy Footnotes plugin for sites running the TRU Writer theme.  We thank the forces of the internet that brought them to us 5

  1. the word say is a euphemism for write, eh?
  2. And now, with the Easy Footnote plugin, we can get really fancy with footnotes. Just wrap the notes you want in the efn_note short code tags
  3. c.f. the splot origin story
  5. A tweet leading to John Stewart’s blog post, and BOOM! I am trying new stuff.

This is just footer stuff that is not a footnote. Footer mania!