It will soon be a new year on the calendar. And so it is a nice thing to be thinking ahead about Friends in 2015 and what they are doing.

One time in 2013 I went on a trip and visited some of my TRU friends. I should say that this is a pun because usually they are called True Friends and have badges. You can see the badges on that page if you click the link of it. But on that one time I went to TRU and met some of my TRU friends that are True Friends and TRU friends. That should not be confusing for you if you read it properly and understand that while some people are neither and some are one or the other, there are also people in a Venn diagram of it that are both.

So on that trip, it was a fun time, and we had fun. But now my Still True Friend @cogdog is at TRU and he made a TRU Writer and said that folks could try it out for him. It is a website that let’s you write words and a picture to go along with it and you don’t even have to sign in, just guess the magic code. After I tried TinaRules then I read the instructions and had to try a couple things before I got inside the walled garden gate which is pretty much wide open. So I wonder if this TRU Writer is in a lunchbox or a camera like other projects that @cogdog made like this.

Anyway, I would like to say that everyone can have a great year of 2015. Remember to share comments on blogs, and make Art, and be creative daily. Take pictures with a camera and with your mind. Be careful when you are near stairs, and have a web form where people can sign up to be your True Friend. Be nice to Jim Groom, and listen to your Friends when they are on the radio. Make cookies of for the Ice Weasels, because they live in a hut near Hudson Bay.

Well, bye.

All of the text presented in this passage was generated in my head just as it was coming to me. Some of the ideas are in there because of True Friends.