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It’s all making perfect sense now.

wait….no it isn’t

The Sun is High in the Sky

Sunrise, highnoon… We toil under the big sun.

Coton de Tulear puppy in flight

Did a Flickr search for creative commons images related to Coton de Tulear. This picture is of a Coton de Tulear in flight – can express notion of…

Test: how does posting a SPLOT Collector image into a Facebook post work?

So, I created an entry on Facebook to test this tool. How does a FB post look if I simply type a few words and paste the SPLOT…

Cogdog lays down the beat

I was having so much fun jamming at the Sanctuary that I forgot Alan played drums at last Friday’s jam. But I managed to take this picture. Here’s…

Dexter on my bed

One of my later pics of Dexter. He wasn’t feeling well that day, so when I caught him on my bed, I didn’t have the heart to kick…

The unnamed

One of Ken Freedman’s amazing animated Gifs, from the Seven Second Delay newsletter. He often puts great ones on his show playlists.

Happy as a Sheep

A Black Welsh Mountain sheep munches happily at my friend’s sheep ranch in Paonia, Colorado. My own photo, of course is in flickr.

Hungry Horse

My friend Bella feeds the big horse. His name is “Bob”. I’ve never seen such a big footed horse. And he’s beautiful. Photo taken in Pine, Arizona.

All Paws

A pretty gentle dog viewed from feet only. This is my own photo, I know it by searching my flickr account.