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Thrift Shop- Postmodern Jukebox

A fun and funky juke box tune for those needing a post modern dance step. And yes this is a…

#TvsZ 3.0

This is a promo video for #TvsZ 3.0, a game based storytelling event that took place in 2013. It began with a poem written by Pete Rorabaugh, and was combined with various CC Licensed imagery, and ...

Don’t Worry

Be Splotty. Making sure mp3 uploads work. It's just 7 second, Bobby, don't sue me, be happy.

Samhuinn Fire Festival 2015

We are greedy. We have 2 new year celebrations. Samhuinn is the old Celtic quarter day and falls on 31 October. We set the city on fire then too.

Set the sky on fire

Tonight is kind of a big deal. A sample of Hogmanay from 2016/17.

A flickr a day keeps the crazies away

I like taking pictures. Every day. It truly keeps the loonies at bay.

In This House…

Listen to your dad, kids. He's wise. Sort of.

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