Put Another Media Thing in the Jukebox

Thrift Shop- Postmodern Jukebox

A fun and funky juke box tune for those needing a post modern dance step. And yes this is a demo of SoundCloud content in a SPLOTbox. We can now talk a bit more about how this box works...

Making & The Curriculum

Dave made this, so it must be cool. This is a new SPLOTbox test of doing an Adobe Spark Page, which SPLOTbox should be able to render via the share URL. Whaddya think, Dave?

Dog’s Rule, Especially Felix

Of course everyone, even Bava, knows what a cool dog Felix is, so cool he does not need to be compared to others.

Tim Berners Lee on Web Stuff

27 Sep 2014

Talk by Audrey Watters at Coventry University

In this talk Audrey Watters (www.hackeducation.com) presented the main principles behind the Domain of One’s Own notion to some of the members of the Coventry.Domains community at the Disruptive Me...

Enough of This Hi Ho stuff

Look, I'm a good looking white horse (not metallic) but this dude on my back gets all the credit. WTF?

The Essence of Judo

Overview Seiryoku-Zenyo (maximum efficient use of energy), a guiding principle of Judo, is beautifully displayed by the 4th Judoka to be promoted to the highest rank of...

Quality education for ubiquitous technology

It is Jim Groom talking about the best damn class ever!

Learning that never was learned.

A course trailer designed to entice a college into a micro course development. Didn't work. meh.

Video and an Interactive Link

Just for fun, trying out an interactive video created by Joubel for H5P. Let's learn how to make a smoothie. https://h5p.org/node/105135?feed_me=nps

#TvsZ 3.0

This is a promo video for #TvsZ 3.0, a game based storytelling event that took place in 2013. It began with a poem written by Pete Rorabaugh, and was combined with various CC Licensed imagery, and ...

Don’t Worry

Be Splotty. Making sure mp3 uploads work. It's just 7 second, Bobby, don't sue me, be happy.

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