Put Another Thing in the Jukebox

#TvsZ 3.0

This is a promo video for #TvsZ 3.0, a game based storytelling event that took place in 2013. It began with a poem written by Pete Rorabaugh, and was combined with various CC Licensed imagery, and ...

A flickr a day keeps the crazies away

I like taking pictures. Every day. It truly keeps the loonies at bay.

Checking Privilege

If only we had a facile yet problematic way - to demonstrate this ...

Cogger Party

It's the Breaking band in jam mode, and there is a dog in the house. Grab your fiddle, wash jug, tuba, and join in the jam. Hi Kamloops!

Don’t Worry

Be Splotty. Making sure mp3 uploads work. It's just 7 second, Bobby, don't sue me, be happy.

Howling for Adam

Felix is a huge fan of Adam Croom, like at a super heroic level. This is just a small taste of what happens when he hear's Adam's name. Who is that guy?

I’m a Reclaimer

You better sing along while you nuke your Facebook account. Get with it, Howie.

In This House…

Listen to your dad, kids. He's wise. Sort of.

It’s a Bag of Gold

Remixing Gardner Campbell's Open Ed call for openness "It's a bag of gold, what part of that do you not understand?"

Learning Analytics: Utopia or Dystopia

[LAK'16] April 28: Keynote - Paul Kirschner - Learning Analytics: Utopia or Dystopia Licensed under the Standard YouTube License, whatever that means.

Learning that never was learned.

A course trailer designed to entice a college into a micro course development. Didn't work. meh.

Quality education for ubiquitous technology

It is Jim Groom talking about the best damn class ever!

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